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Creative Producer

We transform your ideas into compelling reality to engage & inspire your audience.

We can manage any or all of the following:

  • Support Creative Ideation

  • Creative Concept

  • Creative approach towards audience engagement

  • Entertainment Sourcing / Procuring Celebrity Talent

  • Consult on Programmatic Execution

  • Prepare Speakers / MCs

  • Review script content with an eye toward cohesiveness & redundancies

  • Create seamless transitions both visually and between elements

With patience, open ears, support, and a gentle hand, we nurture the process from the first brainstorm to "opening night."

Event Producer

With keen attention to your goals, we make live events happen within your timeline and budget.

We can manage any or all of the following:​

  • Budgeting

  • Location Selection & Permitting

  • Production Calendar & Milestones

  • Procuring Celebrity Talent

  • Producing Musical Performances

  • Scripting

  • Production Staffing

  • Staging, Lighting, Sound, & Video

  • Stage Direction

  • Stage Management

  • Talent Management

  • Cue Calling

We work with you to take live events from conception to completion.

Arts & Science

With Dr. William L. Daley, Lauren created Arts & Science as a resource for COVID Safety Training & COVID Compliance Officer classes specially tailored to the theatre & live event communities.

Arts & Science has COVID Safety Training & COVID Compliance Officer classes for:

  • Theatre Production & Live Events

  • Patron Safety

Visit to learn more and register.

Pre-COVID, Lauren created customized plays for national medical conferences. Her understanding and deep respect for medical requirements, while producing creative content and coordinating with medical professionals, is outstanding.

Video Capture for Livestream / Future Broadcast

We have partnered with the multi-camera director of New Year's Eve in Times Square to provide video production services for live performances. We provide broadcast-quality video for livestreaming or future broadcast. We also own the equipment required and happily pass on those savings to you!

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